Business & Management Courses


Course code: BUS_ESS_0716
Level: Fundamental
Implementation period: 60 class hours (2 hour /session / day)
Language: English (and Translator)

I. Main Objectives and Goals of the Course
This course will help trainee to understand the basic concept of management, the roles of the manager, and the changing nature of both the organization and management, especially in modern social and business. The course explores and focuses around the managerial functions of management: Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling; theories, practice and updated knowledge in Corporate Management, Operations Management, Human Resources Management, Financial & Accounting Management, and Project Management.
The course will also serve as an introduction to mini case studies, which involves each group working as a management team. Learning in the class will be facilitated through the use of vehicles such as textbook readings, class discussion, exercises/activities, cases, self quizzes and lectures.

II. Who Should Attend
The course is intended for those who want to further their knowledge and understanding of business management and entrepreneurship, includes from 2nd year students new graduated student, employee and also employer who want to review and systematize the knowledge and experience in business management.

III. Course Benefits
• Gain more understanding about management concept, theory and practice.
• Update international management standards, and the project management knowledge areas.
• Understand, plan for, and manage risks.
• Defines the environment, roles, responsibilities, behaviors, and activities that support teams in a project.
• Organize and manage the project team, improve and promote the ability of project’s human resources.
• Gain an understanding of the activities that determine the quality policy, objectives, responsibility, and implementation.

IV. Soft skills and personal development throughout the course
• Presentation skills: Trainees will be given presentation on Group assignment and will be encouraged to present ideas and findings in the class.
• Team work skills: Trainees will be exposed to small group work for their Group assignment.
• Other skills: Reading, writing, self-study, communication skills, management skills, leadership skills, moderating skills and oratory skills.
• Content for personal development: Planning, Cultural Diversity, Problem solving and Decision making, Change, Motivation, etc.

V. Training activities
a. Class-based activities: 2hour/session, 18:00 – 20:00 [Monday, Wednesday, Friday]
b. Practice – Labs: Students should use their laptop and/or class computer for Internet-skill building exercises followed by teacher’s instructions.
c. This program is designed to encourage learners to surf the internet for self-study and research.
d. Self-study: at least 1 hours per day, and realife activities at work.
e. Consultation: FREE telephone, online and direct coaching to consult and answer any on-going questions from trainees.

VI. The basic premise of training program
• Original, International Standard, and Licensed Curriculumn of FPT University, and FPT School of Business.
• Will be taught by High Level Lecturers, Rich International Experienced Experts in Teaching and Practice, especially in International and Global Pratice.
• Mordern and Scientific Teaching Method.