Chief of Information Officer Course

With 15 year experience in ICT training in Vietnam and the mission of training Myanmar engineers and IT students with international standard, FPT aims at delivering high quality courses and industrial practices to learners in Myanmar.

This course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of how Information Technology (IT) projects are strategically planned and organized to utilize economic competitiveness. Throughout the course, with practical lessons and many examples fromthe real-world relating to ICT management, participants will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a Chief Information Officer as well as key skills that a Chief Information Officer should have.

Course contents
The Chief Information Officer course will provide theoretical and practical lessons in ICT management for CIOs and future CIOs. The course will present an understandable and integrated view of many concepts, skills, tools and techniques involved in planning, managing ICT and optimizing the enterprise’s efficiency. Learners will be presented with such topics as: Key Roles of the CIOs, ICT Planning and Strategy Development, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Deploying ICT Projects, etc.

Leaner benefits
At the end of this course, learners will be able to:
• Understand trends and challenges facing the organizations in managing ICT
• Identify the key CIO roles for organizations in Myanmar
• Appreciate the key ICT skills required for CIOs
• Understand and appreciate new ways of managing ICT
• Define the framework and approaches for managing the ICT-based organizations
• Understand the CIO roles and challenges in modern organizations
• Formulate effective ICT strategies and plans for ICT projects, and the roles of ICT architecture
• Conduct service reviews through application of Business Process Reengineering
• Budget and plan for implementation of ICT projects
• Understand the approaches for managing human-side of change

Course length: 6 days
Certification: certificate awarded by FPT University and FPT Myanmar.