Distribution Management System

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FPT, with more than 12 years’ experience in distribution management automation, is pleased to offer you our most powerful Distribution Management System(DMS),cultivated in years of experience and ideas. Thus, we are proud to call our solution as DMS, collection of solutions to every distribution challenges.

DMS manages each phase of distribution chain from primary sales to secondary sales and vice versa. Further, DMS will provide you a set of truthful reports-a clear image about your market business, and essential information for making vital business decisions.

Using our DMS, we guarantee better management of distribution channel, improvement of product availability in the market, exact KPIs ,sales forecast, and most importantly–Customer Satisfaction.

FPT's Global Delivery Methodology assures all delivery centres would meet multinational organizations' needs with consistency and quality across multiple languages and time-zones. Quality Management and Information Security Management entire the networks and in strict systems incompliance with CMMi Level5v1.2 and ISO27001:2005(BS7799-2:2002), and ISO9001:2000.

With more than 12 years’ experience in distribution management automation. We promise to work with you every step of the way to help manage your information, making it accessible and safe as well as saving your money. Drive business success with a powerful, comprehensive solution that combines the functionality you need to closely match your processes.

Companies around the world are successfully using FPT’s DMS to improve distribution control, increase delivery reliability and reduce production costs. Our DMS Solutions are proven for Fortune 500 companies and flexible to fix to complex, dynamic business.