IT Services

                                                                                   Our Deployment Process

Load Balancing

FPT Myanmar provides efficient, cost-effective, and easy-to-use Load Balancing Solutions to maximize utilization of Internet access for enterprises of all scales.

  • Boosting network data rates, reliability, and flexibility, minimize lags and downtimes by automatic adjustments;
  • Prioritizing and balancing traffic by Type, Application or Department;
  • Enforcing security policies like a Firewall.

Enterprise Email

We provide Enterprise Email Solutions based on your needs and requirements, ensuring safe, high-quality and effective communication for your enterprise.

  • Increasing user’s productivity;
  • Protecting business communication and sensitive information.

LAN/WAN Design and Configuration

  • One-stop LAN/WAN solution for enterprises from network cabling to assigning users’ right and installing network applications;
  • LAN to LAN connection to multiple VPNs

Hardware Sales

Being the distributor of more than 40 big technology vendors around the world, FPT provides in Myanmar many IT products such as Router, Switch, Server, Storage, Security and System software for enterprises.