Mobile Programming

With 15 year experience in ICT training in Vietnam and the mission of training Myanmar engineers and IT students with international standard, FPT aims at delivering high quality ICT courses and industrial practices to learners in Myanmar.

TheMobile Programming course by FPTwill provide enough basic knowledge of Android programming for trainees to be able to developing useful apps as well as further self-studying more easily. This course also will provide basic knowledge of HTML5 programming, and developing Hybrid mobile apps for Android devices. This course also will cover problem solving and troubleshooting for mobile development.

Course content
During the Mobile Programing course, learners will be presented with the following topics:

1Mobile Development Overview About Android & Smartphones future16Content Providers
2Android Development Tools (Android Emulator, DDMS, ADB)17Messaging and Networking
3Creating Your First Android Application18Maps, Geocoding, and Location-Based Services
4Understanding Activities19Accessing Android Hardware
5Linking Activities Using Intents20Accessing Android Hardware (Cont)
6Calling Built-In Applications Using Intents21Publishing Android Applications
7The Android User Interface (The Android Widget Toolbox)22HTML5 programming course introduction
8Understanding the Components of a Screen23New elements in HTML5
9Adapting to Display Orientation Managing Changes to Screen Orientation24PhoneGap introduction
10Creating the User Interface Programmatically25PhoneGap (continue)
11Listening for UI Notifications26Sencha Touch introduction
12Designing Your User Interface Using Views27Sencha Touch - GUI controls
13Display Pictures and Menus with Views28Sencha Touch - Components / Classes
14Data Persistence29Sencha Touch - Layouts / Event
15Creating and Using Databases

Learner benefits
At the end of Mobile Programming course, learners will be able to:
• Understand the basic knowledge of mobile programming
• Test different cases with all common controls of Android
• Understand the basic knowledge of Android programming, which allows you to self-study further more easily
• Understand the basic knowledge of HTML5 programming
• Get the experiences with developing Hybrid mobile application using HTML5

Course length: 60 hours
Certification: certificate awarded by FPT University and FPT Myanmar