Software Project Management

With 15 year experience in ICT training in Vietnam and the mission of training Myanmar engineers and IT students with international standard, FPT aims at delivering high quality courses and industrial practices to learners in Myanmar.

This course provides practical lessons with many examples fromthe real-world using software tools to assist projectmanagement. It presents an understandable and integrated viewof many concepts, skills, tools and techniques involved ininformation technology project management in general and insoftware development project management in particular.

Software Project Management course is designed for professionals from any department or organization looking to eliminate waste, reduce costs, and increase product and process successes - including engineering, operations, manufacturing, finance and accounting, purchasing, and general management.

Upon completion of this course trainees will have a strong foundation in information technology (IT) project management (PM), as well as be able to apply the project management knowledge, skills and techniques in an integrated manner to the software development project management practice.
Course contents

This Software Project Management course will provide practical lessons in project management. By combining together theory and practice, it presents an understandable and integrated view of many concepts, skills, tools and techniques involved in information technology project management in general and in software development project management in particularly. Learners will be presented with the management of all critical factors in a project, such as: Time Management, Cost Management, Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Risk Management, Procurement Management, etc.

Leaner benefits

At the end of this course, learners will be able to:
• Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of PM, especially in Information Technology and software development projects: (understand, describe, explain, and discuss ITPM related issues)
• Develop a comprehensive project plan for a significant development effort
• Apply techniques of management, estimation, earned value analysis techniques to software development projects; Measure project progress, productivity and other aspects of the software process
• Perform risk management, configuration management, change management
• Use standards, tools and software (Microsoft Project) in PM processes effectively

Course length: 60 hours
Certification: certificate awarded by FPT University and FPT Myanmar