System Integration


FPT has continuously been the leader in systems integrationin Vietnam in terms of revenue, customer base and contractvalue. We have designed, provided and implemented generalinformation systems for the backbone organizations of theVietnamese economy.

The services and equipment we provide include: consulting services,IT infrastructure, enterprise database design and construction,system security, networks, storage, and servers. We also implementbanking, securities and telecommunications solutions as well aspayment and monitoring systems.

For nearly twenty years, FPT IS has developed a number of integration solutions that have been widely applied in a broad range of industries:

1. Telecommunications:

FPT provides not only tailor-made software but also state of the art integrated solutions developed by prestigious vendors. We have implemented a number of integrated solutions, including:
• FPT.BCCS – Billing and Customer care system
• FPT.ePOS – Sales and Marketing Management
• ERP, CRM and Web portal
• FPT.TDW – Telco Date Warehouse-centralized data storage system for telecom service provider
• Voice SMS
• Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
• Missed Call Alert (MCA)
• Welcome SMS
• USSD Gateway & Menu Browser

2. Banking – Finance:

With its in-depth understanding of banking andfinance businesses, and a wide range of experiencelocalizing and customizing products for itscustomers’ needs, FPT has affirmed its continuousNo.1 position in systems integration in Vietnamwhile providing solutions for major banks within Vietnam and throughout the region (Laos, Cambodia, Australia,…). Having offered integration solutions for a large number of banks, we understand the banking-finance profession and have a wide range of experience in localizing and customizing our products to suit the needs of each customer.
FPT’s integration solutions for banking and finance are:
• Core banking
• Trade finance
• Risk management
• Customer management
• Internet banking
• Mobile banking
• Phone banking, etc.
FPT also provides installation and maintenance services for payment systems including ATMs, POS, Switching, and smart cards.

3. E-Government:

Developed in 1998 1998, FPT.eGOV has been serving as an effective tool to improve the capabilities of automation of office systems, residence management, temporary residence management, civil status management, business registration and licensing, foreign investment management, construction permits, etc.
The followings are FPT’s applications for government:
• Automation of office systems
• Residence management
• Temporary residence management
• Civil status management
• Business registration and licensing
• Foreign investment management
• Construction permits
• House ownership certificates and changes in house ownership
• Press-telecommunications
• Traffic and transportation
• Certificate of origin management
• Customs
• Tax
• Social security

4. Public finance

FPT IS has worked with customers in the public finance sector for more than fifteen years, and we have designed, developed and implemented most of the information systems for Vietnam’s taxation and public finance institutions including software for:
• Tax management system
• Personal income tax management system
• Integrated customs business system
• Post- customs clearance management system
• Tax code registration and issuance system
• Taxation - Treasury - Ministry of Finance - Customs interconnection system
• E-customs system
• State budget management software
• Tax collection management software
• Tax liability collection management system
• Tax inspector support system
• Electronic payment management system
• Duty assessment information management system